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Index Personal Tax Scales for Government Integrity


  We are yet again seeing the lack of integrity of our politicians as the Prime Minister breaks an absolute promise made in seeking an election victory.  

Increasing taxes on people’s hard-earned income by stealth is dishonest, yet all politicians continue the practice. One that continues to shrink family budgets and the incentive to work hard and get ahead.  

Australia needs a nationwide discussion of broadscale tax reform. A discussion that draws the community together to agree on a tax system that is equitable and able to fund the society that we wish to have.

What do you think?

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IdeaSpies @ 2024.01.27 3:50 AM

Yes the tax scales should be indexed however  politically I don't expect the Government would get the credit for the decision they need to get to make it. Interesting that you say 40% of counties in Europe have indexed their tax scales

Were ours ever indexed? 

Glenn Barnes @ 2024.01.27 5:17 AM
I do not think that Australian tax scales were ever indexed. However, this should be considered as part of an overall taxation reset, as wage and salary earners should not be taxed by stealth.

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