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Innovating the way we watch TV with Ambilight technology


Philips Ambilight TV leverages cutting-edge technology by implementing LEDs behind the edges of the TV screen. The LEDs project on-screen colours onto the wall in real time automatically synchronised to the display content. 

This technology adds a colourful dimension to watching TV, makes the screen appear larger, can be used for ambient lighting and helps place less strain on the eyes while watching in the dark. Whether you are watching sports, movies, music or gaming, the Ambilight technology creates an enchanting, engaging and immersive experience.

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David Gibbons @ 2022.06.15 4:55 PM
I continue to be amazed by the innovative technologies being developed to entertain us. Mainly when it is good for our health. I have always been concerned that we spend too much time looking at backlit devices and monitors. So it is refreshing to have ideas being developed that place less strain on our eyes.  

IdeaSpies @ 2022.06.16 5:09 AM
Well done in your new role David, heading Taurus TV! 

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