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Innovation in safe drinking water


Polyglu is a powder, primarily composed of a coagulant made from fermented soybeans, which serves to quicken the clotting of impurities found in water. Polyglu is unique in that is a safe and environmentally friendly purifying agent that has been successfully applied in the food and industrial equipment industries.

One gram of the Polyglu powder is capable of treating up to five liters of polluted water, which makes this powder very effective. It has been successfully deployed in India, Bangladesh, Somalia and Tanzania.

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Mohammed Talha @ 2021.11.28 3:23 AM
It is a great and effective method to apply in developing countries. The resources of fresh water is diminishing quickly than ever before. Thanks to global warming. And people are forced to drink polluted and contaminated water with sewerage. As mentioned, this method is successfully deployed in some countries. It can't get any better to provide safe drinkable water. 

Tye @ 2021.11.29 3:23 AM
It's a fantastic and successful strategy for poor countries to use. 
Fresh water resources are depleting at a faster rate than ever before. 
Global warming is to blame. 
People are also compelled to consume sewage-polluted and poisoned water. 
As previously stated, this strategy has been effectively implemented in a number of countries. 
It doesn't get any better than this when it comes to providing safe drinking water.

odelia yakubov @ 2021.11.29 3:23 AM

The safe drinking water is very innovative. It is an amazing strategy to apply all those places and large countries. The budget of the fresh water is has been getting less and less even faster than ever. one things that has affected this is global warming, most people have to drink dirty, polluted, and contaminated water with sewerage. having the safe drinkable water is not only beneficial but it provides for a safer community altogether.

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