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Inspire a Star

Inspire a Star is a fund raising platform to help the next generation realise their sporting dreams .... whether it is to have their first tennis lesson, win an Olympic gold medal, play for the Socceroos or the Mathilda or be the best golfer in the world. It is increasingly hard for parents to fund extra coaching, equipment and travel to competitions. Inspire a Star provides a platform for friends, family and members of the sporting community to help fund the journey.? Please e mail your suggestions or questions to
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Lynn Wood @ 2018.11.21 7:14 AM
What an inspiring idea! All our children are stars however it takes a lot of time and money to become a sporting star. This looks like a great way to help those who need it to get there!

Lynn Wood @ 2019.03.31 7:14 AM
Hello Jill We are preparing a public page that will describe any actions that happened resulting from posts on IdeaSpies. We?d love to hear of any responses you received that resulted in positive action so we can include them on the page. Please let me know. As you know the purpose of IdeaSpies is sharing innovation to inspire action. Best wishes Lynn

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By inspire

21 November 2018

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