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Integrity is essential in our leaders...including politicians


Nick Hossack, a former adviser to John Howard, has written an interesting article about truth and trust in politicians.

The public will need to see more improvements in professional behaviours before they start extending more trust. Something like the Hayne recommendations for bankers: Obey the law; Do not mislead or deceive; Be fair; Provide services that are fit for purpose; Deliver services with reasonable care and skill; When acting for another, act in the best interests of that other. We also need a concurrent return to evidence-based and openly consultative government policy making on all matters of significance.

What do you think?

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IdeaSpies @ 2020.01.07 12:26 PM
Any implications for Boards as well re transparency? Should there  be a difference?

Glenn Barnes @ 2020.01.07 3:41 PM
I think there is some nuance missing from Hossack's article. That is, not all disagreement is indicative of an issue of such importance that it needs a resignation on principle or public airing. Decision making at government or board level is usually focussed on finding the best fit solution that all constituents can live with. In cases where the best fit solution is found and agreed upon - and it breaches no one's fundamental principles - I see no reason for any individual who is a party to that decision to say, do or imply anything that undermines the group resolution. In such cases, "we have considered all the views and options and have come to an agreement on this way forward as being the most appropriate" should suffice for public comment.

IdeaSpies @ 2020.01.07 4:03 PM
Thanks for the clarification Glenn. Media are very effective in publicising any disagreements.

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By Glenn Barnes

7th January 2020


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