Interactive Multi-Sensory Environment

This product aims to create a safe environment for young children to engage in a calming multi-sensory area. Sensory activities can be linked to the education syllabus, achieving independent and collaborative play. 
What do you think?

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Lynn Wood @ 2022.06.16 5:00 PM

Interesting idea Andrea. These ideas, when you search metaverse on ideaSpies, may be helpful

Sabra Brock @ 2022.06.16 6:33 PM
Great idea.  Would be good to have a couple illustrations of applications.

UpRising @ 2022.06.17 11:45 AM

Wow, love this idea, such a great way to engage in learning for young people, esp for those students that may be reluctant to be in traditional classrooms. 

What can we do to help make this project a reality? 

Sharon Troy @ 2022.06.17 2:42 PM
Great work, thinking outside the ‘square’

UpRising @ 2022.06.28 2:17 PM

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