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Investors now driving action on climate change


EY Australia conducted an investor survey to check how the risk of climate change to a prospective investment affects investment decisions. 8% of investors said it would rule out an investment in 2017 and the response jumped to 48% in 2018!  The result shows that pressure from investors is making a big difference in company plans to deal with the issue.

This trend was discussed at the Next Circle briefing in Sydney this week by Mathew Nelson, Global Climate Change and Sustainability Services Lead, EY.

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Lynn Wood @ 2020.03.09 12:07 AM

You can see ideas and innovations that address climate change here

Burdekin scheme @ 2020.03.12 9:30 PM
The whole concept of ethical investment is increasingly popular, not just in the marketplace, but around dinner tables and tea rooms.  The recent trilogy of fire, flood and infection that has cast its long shadow over the Australian economy is a reflection of the fact that all is not well within our physical environment, and that fact is having serious repercussions for our economic environment.  

Lynn Wood @ 2020.03.12 9:33 PM
Very true Burdekin. That's why it's very positive that investors are taking notice. They can drive the changes we need more quickly and effectively than governments. 

Madeline Cunningham @ 2020.03.14 3:59 AM

It is an exciting time to be part of the conversation on Innovation, Climate Change & Sustainability in Australia and to play a role in bringing all parties together.

Lynn Wood @ 2020.03.14 4:14 AM
Well done Madeleine in arranging this event so we could learn more about the issues. Thanks as well for showing that IdeaSpies features ideas and innovation that can help address climate change. 

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By Lynn Wood

7 March 2020

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