Let’s discuss the proposed role for an Australian Head of State before the selection process


Concerns are being raised about a new model for selecting a President put forward by the Australian Republic Movement. These highlight unintended consequences of moving too quickly in changing to a “Republic” model.  

One key issue that is unclear, is what people expect an Australian President to do!  

Perhaps the President should be the champion of the Constitution as Chair of a Constitutional Council, that advocates for an effective and contemporary Constitution. The balance of the role could be clearly defined in terms of official and ceremonial responsibilities - and the requirement to avoid any political or partisan activity.

What do you think?

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Lynn Wood @ 2022.01.15 3:43 AM

Good point Glenn that we should first consider what a Head of State does. 
This is the role of the Governor General.  https://www.gg.gov.au/about-governor-general/role-governor-general.

If State Governors are also involved the change process will be much more complicated. 

Lynn Wood @ 2022.04.03 6:24 AM

Good to see a positive model for a new President in an Australian Republic.


Glenn Barnes @ 2022.04.03 11:07 AM

Yes, Lynn.

Good to see some suggestions of what the role might be but I think that what is detailed in this article is too narrow a brief and does not say enough on "no go" territory. 

A detailed analysis of the current activities and conventions that make up the Governor Generals' and the Monarchs' involvement with Australia's governance needs to be undertaken. This should be followed by a structured public discourse over what a President would do and how the other activities are to be managed.

Lynn Wood @ 2022.06.05 3:28 AM

Good update- surprising that the push for a Republic is so slow


Glenn Barnes @ 2022.06.05 5:02 AM
With the frailty of the Queen now in the public consciousness, it would be good to start the thinking and public dialogue now. Having the discussion in the face of Charles's accession to the throne would force the timeline and allow the emotion over the individual to weaken the focus on fact.

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