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Imagine entering a car on a snowy or rainy day and the floor of your car has accumulated water, or imagine a bottle of water spilling on the floor of your car. In this invention, water is directed into a tank and it is enough to drain the small tank at the right time. In luxury cars, water can be discharged automatically.


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Lynn Wood @ 2020.06.02 9:47 PM
Please explain the problem. Why is a tank needed? Why not just mop the water up with towels?

luxury car flooring @ 2020.06.07 3:24 PM
It is possible to draw water with a towel, but there are two important reasons for having a tank:
1- Melting snow occurs with heat inside the car and along the way, so there will be water on the floor of the car along the way.
2- In the new models of car flooring, spaces have been designed to keep more water volume, so it is not easy to draw water completely with a towel
 (imagine how difficult it can be to dry the car floor for cars such as taxis and how much this idea ist can make it easier, also imagine how much better you will feel with dry and clean car flooring on rainy or snowy days)
The tank can also be used to drain car floor sand. Imagine that after walking on the beach sand, some sand is transferred to the car. To drain the sand, it is enough to wash the car floor with a small amount of water and direct the sand into the tank.

Ying Wen @ 2020.06.09 1:23 PM
Carpets inside cars can play a big role. The idea is good if you accidentally knocked over a bottle of water, but this situation is rare. If it is just a small amount of water, sand, or other things during normal lifetime, the carpet can absorb the water, and then people only need to take out the blanket and pat it to remove the sand. It is not necessary to waste more water on the tank (because if there is sand, you still need to consider clean it)

luxury car flooring @ 2020.06.09 7:38 PM
Thanks for your comment, some people may use carpets in cars or trucks, but some people use car mats to protect carpets from stains and stains. When there is sand on the car's mattress, you can take the sand out and separate it, but some car's rear mattress is one piece and it's not easy to do. The idea adds another property to car mattresses, and that is to get water or sand out of your car without pulling out the car floor.

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By luxury car flooring

2 June 2020

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