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Mangkaja x gorman

Fashion brand Gorman's Indigenous Artist Collaboration. Lisa Gorman has teamed up with the remote Art Centre Mangkaja in WA to produce a collection to launch in MCA in Sydney and Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair. The artworks of 5 senior artists feature in this collection: Ngarralja Tommy May, Sonia Kurarra, Daisy Japulija, Nada Tigila Rawlins and Lisa Uhl (Sadly Ms Lisa Uhl and Mrs Nada Rawlins have since passed away). To further enhance this important collection Lisa collaborated with French photographer Charles Freger who is known for his series of photographic portraits. Here he has captured fashion as art- in landscape.
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IdeaSpies @ 2019.09.09 7:14 AM
Wonderful designs. Thanks for sharing Gillian! Great to see colour come back into fashion. The indigenous designs suit this trend perfectly. Lynn

ideaspy_09 @ 2019.09.10 7:14 AM
Wonderful designs but where's the innovation?

make-happen @ 2019.09.10 7:14 AM
Innovation generally refers to changing processes or creating more effective processes, products and ideas. This is not easy especially when working across cultures and communicating meaningful stories via a product. The idea here is to be inclusive and communicate what is possible with Indigenous design and fashion into a commercial market. Collaboration is complicated and requires trust and talent and is hard to make happen.

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By make-happen

9 September 2019

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