The Mask Sanitiser - An innovation in the making

COVID 19 has changed the way we look at health. Mask wearing has become impossible to avoid. It protects both our health and the health of others. My product is a small box that uses a UVC light to kill the bacteria present on the mask. These lights are proven to kill COVID 19 and other airborne illnesses. The pandemic has caused a worldwide shortage in masks, My product provides the ability to reuse your masks safely. In 2020 1.6 Billion masks entered our oceans and poisoned sealife. My mask sanitiser will protect our environment. 
What do you think?

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UpRising @ 2022.03.29 9:11 AM

Hi there Sanitising Sam, a fantastic idea. How can the community help? What are 5 things that would help you with this major design design project.  

From UpRising

sanitisingsam @ 2022.03.30 9:11 AM

Hi Uprising, I would love it if anyone could fill out my survey at 

Kind Regards 

shannon.moroney @ 2022.04.04 7:24 AM

Hi Sam,

This is such a good idea, I love !!


Dan Bradley @ 2022.05.09 4:44 AM

Nice idea - do you know what strength of UV would be needed and how much energy it might use - could it be battery run or mains-only?

sanitisingsam @ 2022.05.10 4:53 AM

Hi Dan Bradley, I have concluded that I will be using a UVC gas light with 185 nm ozone-forming radiation, this light produces short length radio waves that will be able to kill the bacteria present on a mask within a short range. My light needs a substantial amount of energy per mask (9V) therefore I have decided to make it a mains-only device as a battery charge would only last about 3 cleaning cycles and would also weigh down my device. 

Kind Regards 


UpRising @ 2022.06.14 6:19 AM

Good morning SantisingSam - Big Good News For you!

UpRising - People's Choice Award - Supporting young designs - Voted by the people (Anyone) 

UpRising exists to support the 4000 HSC design students across NSW, beyond gender, beyond postcode. The critical time for these students and the development of their major design projects is between Term 2 and 3. That’s why UpRising & iTE are excited to announce a targeted hit of help for you over the next few weeks.

People’s Choice - a simple and effective way of getting more communities engaged in supporting the grassroots of innovation and helping you - our creative designers with their major design projects (MDPs). 

All you need to do is to get as many of your friends and community to hit the ‘Like’ button on your post and at the end of this month (Thursday JUNE 30th 5pm) we will count the number of ‘Likes’ on each post. Top 3 ‘liked’ projects will gain critical seed funding to spend on their MDP. Highest number of likes, awarded $300, Second $200, Third $100. 

Design student’s get sharing your projects on your socials, teachers it’s not too late to get some of your MDP students signed up and collaborating with industries. Businesses wanting to build talent pathways - simple, click to join the UpRising.

N:B Likes do not represent success from a NESA perspective and those who are successful in gaining seed funding may need to acknowledge this contribution in their finance plans of their MDP.

TIme starts now - rock on designers.

Aimee Nyake @ 2022.06.15 11:16 AM

hi Sam, 

you're idea is brilliant, love it!!


sanitisingsam @ 2022.06.15 12:37 PM

Hi Aimee Nyake, thank you so much!

Kind Regards 


UpRising @ 2022.06.28 2:20 PM

Good evening UpRising Designer

Two Days left before we close UpRising’s ‘People's Choice Seed Funding Award’. 

A few weeks ago, I thought, let’s shake things up and get you the help you need now…enter People's Choice Award..I thought we would get maybe 10 or 20 hits. 

No, you guys went ballistic! Over 5000 ‘Likes’ from all over NSW, some of you have even made the local newspaper!!! 

However, what is going to happen next is even better. 

This Thursday afternoon, 30th June, 5pm I will be announcing the 3 People’s Choice Award winners and how your seed funding $$$ will be transferred to you. I will also give you all a sneak peek at what this next level is all about, think, Australia's biggest most prestigious design event of the year..


Please jump into the zoom, Thursday, ask any questions about UpRising and let me know how we can make it even better for you.  

Join Zoom Meeting 5pm 30/6/22

Rock on Designers!


UpRising / Richard Hainsworth

Topic: UpRising People's Choice Awards + ...?

Time: Jun 30, 2022 05:00 PM

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