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Measuring Methane Reductions in Livestock


Farming can combat climate change.

DIT AgTech is trialling patented technology that will both reduce livestock methane emissions and capture carbon reductions to allow farmers to trade credits online.

Clinical trials for this product are currently underway with Central Queensland University.

Using proven methane reduction feed additives, DIT’s innovation uses drinking water to distribute the additives in soluble form.

As livestock drink to their body weight, the technology can work out precise delivery amounts, and create a methodology to capture the emission reductions through the amount of water consumed to deliver an Australian Carbon Credit Unit (ACCU).

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Jeremy Wright @ 2021.11.04 2:07 PM
This is a great solution - it means we don't have to shoot a third of our heard after all? (as Mr Joyce suggested)

IdeaSpies @ 2021.11.05 2:07 PM
Good point Jeremy, hoping this trial is successful! 

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