Median nerve compressor - wrist rest for CTS


I re-designed a CTS wrist rest to offer comfort to the Carpal Tunnel. CTS is a disease that compresses the median nerve causing pain and hindering productivity. 

I propose a solution to this problem by designing a highly innovative wrist rest that incorporates plastic and silica gel. The cushion around the plastic base will offer comfort to the wrist. This will enhance users' mobility to perform highly in work. 

I am seeking Medical Professional’s advice for CTS and a product designer's advice for alternative materials. Any feedback or suggestions of my design idea will assist in further developing my design. 

What do you think?

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ReadyFundGo @ 2021.04.27 6:23 AM

Well done - a great idea and glad to hear you started with research.

Best of luck with the next stage.

wayde@principals @ 2021.04.28 7:33 AM
Hi Una, it might be valuable to scan blogs like this that capture stories from carpal tunnel sufferers.  They may just give you some added insight into the everyday challenges that patients face - and spark some further insight into how your product might help : Patient Tales |  

Best of luck...   

Una @ 2021.05.05 4:03 PM

Thank you, ReadyFundGo and Wayde for your valuable contribution to my design process. 

GreetingCardSalesman @ 2021.05.05 4:03 PM

Hi Una, good luck with this, I suspect with so many people working from home in less than ideal ergonomic situations we will need all the help we can get.

Maybe you could design a companion item for me that sits near my elbows and lifts my forearms off the desk and angels my hands down onto the keyboard instead of having to flex up from the heels of my palms,

Una @ 2021.05.13 6:51 AM
GreetingCardSalesman, Hello, That is a significant idea, I will take that as a form of improvement that needs in my design.

Nuella @ 2021.06.04 6:51 AM
I look forward to your experimentation and testing for this idea Una.

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