My project proposes to design an automated health care robot for individuals who may be physically impaired, elderly, or injured that will remove the need for constant monitoring by healthcare/ aged care workers and allow users independence in taking care of themselves.

Please view for more information about the Need and Solution:

1. What are your thoughts on this?

2. Is there a need for a product like this?

3. Is there another target market that  I should consider?

4. Anything that could be changed or added?

More information and better sketches are to be uploaded soon.

What do you think?

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Lynn Wood @ 2022.05.16 4:25 PM
Clever idea Daniya- if you haven't already I suggest you search robot on IdeaSpies to see other robot ideas at various stages of commercialisation, explained simply. This is one like yours 

UpRising @ 2022.05.17 4:25 PM

Good morning Daniya. A very interesting idea. Very clever adding in a link for viewers to find out more information on. It can be really tricky for industry to know what a design student needs if they don;t have a clear 'ask' and yours is great. This makes it really easy for you and industry to collaborate.

We also love seeing your design projects evolve so a little sketch like yours is a great starting point for everyone to look back on to the start of your journey. 

Maybe keep the 'need for constant monitoring' or change it to 'adjusting the need for constant human monitoring' which could free up nursing staff to cover more patients.. This is a tricky one as family would want their loved ones to be closely monitored. 

There are some really interesting examples out there, some people have an aversion to technology and would not want a robot crawling around their house.. so you will need to work hard at changing that perception or targeting children for example that love to interact with tech and could bring a real sense of joy into health care..esp for kids who don;t like medicine

Daniya @ 2022.05.30 4:25 PM

@Lynn Wood

Thank you so much!

Daniya @ 2022.05.30 4:25 PM


Thank you! 

Also thank you so much for the feedback, I'll be sure to consider it!

UpRising @ 2022.06.12 3:59 PM

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Malak Kadim @ 2022.06.15 7:13 AM
Great idea Daniya! All the best :)

Faizan Farid @ 2022.06.16 7:13 AM

Nice concept, you may consider integrating this with a smart watch/tracker which now includes most of the health features. Good luck! 

letsrockthis @ 2022.06.17 7:13 AM
This is AWESOME!! Good luck, and wishing you all the best in the future! Your inspiring lots of other girls out there, keep it up! LetsRockThis!! ????????

Daniya @ 2022.06.18 7:14 AM
Thank you @ Malak Kadim!

Daniya @ 2022.06.18 7:15 AM
Thank you Faizan Farid ! I'll be sure to consider that :)

Daniya @ 2022.06.18 7:16 AM
@letsrockthis Thank you for your support!!

Bellabeading77 @ 2022.06.20 1:44 PM
Wow Daniya. This is amazing idea . With an elderly mother I can see so many benefits. Keep up the good work 

Arsalan @ 2022.06.23 9:38 AM

This is an amazing idea Daniya and good luck pursuing it; a couple of comments/ideas if you see them fitting into it.

1- I am presuming the MediBot would be functional and usable for all age brackets as long as they are physically impaired or incapable - this then means that by feeding the age of the user, the MediBot should be able to bring in relevant vitals readings i.e. Saturation levels, Heart rates etc as some of the requirements vary by age.

2-Would the MediBot keep history of those vitals and of how many days/readings, would it have timer to adjust the reading frequency?

2- You have mentioned "constant monitoring", does this mean that the carer have to be physically present or would it be remote. In case of latter, it will be great as this would make a huge contribution on the issue of "shortage of healthcare staff". The remote access could then be provided to the dedicated doctor or assigned GP with daily or weekly reporting so they could adjust the medication or arrange visit or appointment. In short, it would be perfect to be completely remote controlled.

3-For medicine dispenser, it would be great to have IoT embedded in it so as soon as MediBot requires refilling of medicine, a notification could be sent to healthcare worked to fill up medicine.

4-For the MediBot, it would be good to have a Mini GPS tracker so it can follow the user/patient if he is moving or being moved to different parts of the room/house.

5-Would it have a replaceable battery or it would be chargeable?

6-Would it have voice control feature and announcement or alarm for medicine to wake up the patient?

Hope this helps and all the best.

Zeeshan Hashim @ 2022.06.23 9:38 AM
World needs innovation like this. Great idea and looks very practical.

Rehanik @ 2022.06.23 9:38 AM
Salam Daniya, very clever and interesting idea. My friend built an telemedics on which and Doctor connects in rural areas with the help of nursing staff and examine the patient without going there. The nursing staff only helps connecting to the telemedics device. Your idea is excellent and I wish you all the best for this. Sure we all proud of you and mom/dad too. Stay blessed. 

Shaheen Zaman-Khan @ 2022.06.23 9:38 AM
Well done Daniya looks like a.great concept and am sure it will hit off! All the best

Majid Wasi @ 2022.06.24 9:38 AM
Great work . Keep it up

Daniya @ 2022.06.28 9:39 AM
Bellabeading77 Thank you!

Daniya @ 2022.06.28 9:40 AM

Arsalan Thank you for your insight and support! I'll be sure to consider them!

Daniya @ 2022.06.28 9:40 AM
Zeeshan Hashim  Thank You !

Daniya @ 2022.06.28 9:41 AM
Rehanik Thank You for your support!

Daniya @ 2022.06.28 9:41 AM
Shaheen Zaman-Khan Thank you!

Daniya @ 2022.06.28 9:41 AM
Majid Wasi Thank You!

UpRising @ 2022.06.28 2:19 PM

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Abdullah Siddique @ 2022.06.29 6:06 AM
Is the medicine dispenser only for pills and tablets or can it also dispense medicine syrups?

Stickman ST @ 2022.06.29 1:09 PM

1. my thoughts on this are that this is a very clever idea and with enough dedication, it could actually be made into a real thing

2. OFCOURSE. there should be a product like this in our world especially with people that have organ failures and such and need to be attended to regularly by a doctor but can't because they are expensive so they end up dead.

3. this could be a replacement for doctors and nurses. it doesn't have to be just for people that need a specific doctor all the time. they can be used to hep people that just need a doctor once like in a Medical Centre. I just realised that this thing reminds me of Baymax from big hero 6.

4. it needs an ai good enough to scan injuries and give a verdict of either a sickness or what to use to heal it. and if a medicine is required, it could make it and then dispense it. also it can have a built in oxygen tank and puffer for people with asthma and more.

Daniya @ 2022.06.29 3:47 PM
Abdullah Siddique  As of currently I have only planned pills and solids.

Daniya @ 2022.06.29 3:50 PM
Stickman ST Thank You so much for the feedback! I am actually a huge fan of the robot and the movie so I sought inspiration from the concept of Baymax.

Rouba Alameddine @ 2022.06.30 9:01 AM
Brilliant work Daniya!

MaoLi @ 2022.06.30 9:14 AM
I think we're going to solve the problems in health with technological innovations. Great thinking! If you want to refine your idea, look into the Japanese healthcare robots already in use in aged care facilities. 

Lynn Wood @ 2022.06.30 10:21 AM

Good point MaoLi! This is an idea from Japan where they have used robots for childcare

Khizer Malik @ 2022.06.30 1:52 PM
Great ???? 

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