Fruit stickers be gone!


Plastic Coated Fruit stickers. Hate them!

Here's to banish them to the dustbin of history:- At the supermarket cashier, peel off each and every sticker, and leave them on the counter. Politely of course.

If lots of us do it regularly, then the supermarkets will pressure the growers. Won't take long if you spread the word - there is a (very!) new LinkedIn group called 'Fruit Stickers Be Gone' to make sharing stories easy and to invite friends.

If there are enough Likes and Comments here, I'll write to the Papers and get the Movement really rolling!

What do you think?

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Lynn Wood @ 2021.09.23 1:06 PM

This idea looks like a solution that you can encourage by sharing

Lynn Wood @ 2021.10.27 7:50 AM

This looks like a good solution?

Toby Marshall @ 2021.10.27 8:28 AM


But clearly not an idea the Spies like Lynn!

Lynn Wood @ 2021.10.27 9:18 AM
Not sure why you think the sticker with the power to preserve is not popular Toby. An Idea Spy posted it and it's very popular. Please check it if you haven't already. 

Toby Marshall @ 2021.10.27 9:29 AM
Sorry Lynn, not used to your site yet and this Oldie missed the link!  Now have commented on his idea - will need to see some research from Zhafri before I cancel my campaign re the plastic junk.

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By Toby Marshall

23 September 2021

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