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Mushroom burial suit turns dead bodies into clean compost

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ideaspies03 @ 2019.10.28 6:39 PM
Thanks Vicky- this is an interesting new way of thinking about death and the relationship between our bodies and the environment.....

jaqui @ 2019.11.19 12:11 AM
This is totally me. Love mushrooms, black I can live with (oops die in), and the thought of helping a tree, flower, plant grow is ideal. Would like to be planted under a Jacaranda Tree though given my son when he was younger called them 'Jackie-randas'. We still call them that in my house.

lynnwood @ 2019.11.19 4:25 AM
Clever comment Jaqui! I can live and die in black as well.....

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By Vicky Idea Spy

28 October 2019

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