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Musical Ice Cream


Researchers have created a multi-sensory ‘musical’ ice cream cone called WeScream! in celebration of World Ice Cream Day.

WeScream! includes two interdependent 3D-printed ice-cream cones that play musical sounds generated via the act of eating ice cream together by two users.

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Keerthana-Vedachalam @ 2020.07.26 1:48 PM
Seems like double treat for ice-cream lovers!

jon-hirst @ 2020.07.30 4:39 AM
What a great way to create a shared experience. I love it!

massey @ 2020.07.30 4:58 AM

IdeaSpies @ 2020.07.30 5:11 AM
Happy days ahead with cool experiences like this!

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By michael-sharpe

25 July 2020

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