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Natural Social Distancing


The pandemic has inspired a number of novel ideas!

From glass greenhouses in Amsterdam to pool noodle hats in Germany.

People are exercising their creativity to maintain their social distancing. 

Check out the lawn mowed into a checkerboard to become a natural social distancing outdoor space whilst increasing your overall wellbeing.

Unmowed grass maintains moisture, prevents soil erosion, lowers the temperature, produces oxygen and absorbs carbon dioxide, while also supporting biodiversity.

What do you think?

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Keerthana-Vedachalam @ 2020.07.10 6:03 PM
Who wouldn't want to spend time here ! 

Lynn Wood @ 2020.07.11 3:06 PM
More parks could look like this now! Very creative and should be tested.

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By Madeline Cunningham

10 July 2020

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