New wattle-inspired Australian Made logo


Australia’s Nation Brand Advisory Council has decided to rebrand the Australian Made logo, arguing the green and gold logo featuring a kangaroo is internationally recognised but does not represent Australia’s lesser-known assets such as technology and education.

What do you think?

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Lynn Wood @ 2020.07.01 3:02 PM
The kangaroo logo is a bit dated and this new logo looks interesting. Just wondering whether people will realise that it signifies Australian Made.

HUB Energy @ 2020.07.10 11:28 AM

Australia’s Nation Brand Advisory Council just wasted a huge amount of money for no reason.

Keep the the Current Australian Made Logo, it represents Australia, that what they have just released is garbage and means nothing.

Looking at the new one could be any country except it has an AU on it. The Kangaroo represents Australia.

Lynn Wood @ 2020.07.10 12:08 PM
Yes- it's difficult to be positive about the new logo. Maybe the Council should have postponed its release to a better time. COVID would have affected the release. Apparently the release was also scheduled to happen with an explanation and some special events that were positive. It seems it was not meant to replace the current logo but to be used by organisations that preferred it.

Ozziedude @ 2020.07.20 5:42 AM
Emergence....Have the Green and gold kangaroo with a computer chip merging from its pouch, would convey power, vigor and growth. Move with the new scheme and the old recognized loog will be embellished further on the international stage. I can show you how if interested.

Lynn Wood @ 2020.07.20 6:27 AM
Clever idea OzzieDude! I'm interested though I'm not sure the Government wants to spend more money on a logo right now.....

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