No Food Left Behind

post-image is a unique  American resource that is eliminating the waste of food using the internet. This enables 61 million Americans who grow food to easily donate their excess harvest. They bring their fresh food to one of 8,731 registered local food pantries nationwide. These food pantries help nourish one out of six Americans (including a quarter of all kids under six).

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geoff @ 2021.07.04 10:55 AM
It looks like it would be an interesting article but when I click to read it, a pesky pop up appears wanting my details and obscuring the article. Is that just me, or others as well?

Lynn Wood @ 2021.07.04 10:55 AM
Just checked it Geoff. April (IdeaSpies Agriculture Editor) describes the idea well in 100 words and you can click off the popup in the link. Hopefully that works for you.

geoff @ 2021.07.04 10:55 AM

The X to close the pop up is hidden behind the web browsing bar on my phone so at this minute I cannot close the pop up, but I will see if there is a setting that will hide the bar. 

as for the article, you are correct, April’s 100 word precis is the perfect summary of the idea. 

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