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Painless dropshipping, for suppliers and sellers

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idea5 @ 2019.03.22 7:14 AM
Does this work for all types of goods?

rhys @ 2019.03.22 7:14 AM
Yes it does - it integrates on both the supplier side and the dropshipper side. Suppliers with complex shipping arrangements (e.g. furniture) won't see much benefit though. We've got controls in place so suppliers can protect their brand/margins and decide who sells their products too. Send us an email?

Lynn Wood @ 2019.03.31 7:14 AM
Hello Rhys We are preparing a public page that will describe any actions that happened resulting from posts on IdeaSpies. We?d love to hear of any responses you receive that result in positive action so we can include them on the page. Please let me know. As you know the purpose of IdeaSpies is sharing innovation to inspire action. Best wishes Lynn

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By rhys

22 March 2019

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