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Peace and Spice

RUMI SPICE -  Co-founded by Kimberly Jung a miltary veteran who along with her co-founders came up with the idea for the company while serving in Afganistan. “Rumi Spice was born out of its founders’ desire to cultivate peace in Afghanistan by creating demand for the country’s agricultural products. The company started by exporting and selling high-quality, sustainably sourced saffron to the US market in order to connect Afghan farmers with the global market and unlock economic potential for them.”   Rumi Spice brand produces flavorful spices to consumers. Today, the company sells ten different spices and spice blends to add flavor to the dishes of both home and professional chefs. The company reported to have raised $2.5MM+ from private equity and seed investors.
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Lynn Wood @ 2019.12.17 9:04 PM
Love the name and the photo as well as the idea! 

Max Berghouse @ 2020.01.04 4:28 PM

An excellent idea to have saffron as part of the range because saffron is an expensive product with enough inbuilt profit potential to justify its cultivation for both farmers and the wholesaler.

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By Lou Conway

16 December 2019

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