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Pivoting during Covid-19 crisis with a sustainable leadership strategy

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Gayle Avery @ 2022.02.21 12:11 PM

COVID-19 has forced organisations to operate in an uncertain, complex and ambiguous context. However, many are reacting to the challenge instead of being strategic by using proven practices.

Sustainable Leadership drives high performance by addressing the interests of all stakeholders, including society and the planet; fostering employees and the organisational culture; and ensuring good governance, a long-term perspective and high ethical standards.

An evidence-based approach, Sustainable Leadership reduces business risks during crises, improves performance and builds a resilient organisational culture that uses challenging times to the firm's advantage.

This creates businesses that not only survive, but thrive in crises.

IdeaSpies @ 2022.02.21 12:22 PM

Congratulations Gayle on co-founding these courses! Sustainable leadership versus business as usual looks very promising. Good that, as explained in your excellent video, it leads to high performance and sustainable outcomes.

I hope you can use IdeaSpies for examples of ideas and innovations, explained simply, that we should be watching and sharing.

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