Planning regulations that retain local character


Character is what makes a neighbourhood distinctive and is the identity of the place. It encompasses the way a place looks and feels. It is created by a combination of land, people, built environment, history, culture and tradition, both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal, and it looks at how they interact to create an area's distinctive character.

The NSW Government is committed to ensuring strategic planning recognises and enhances the local character of an area, and that communities share what they value about their area to inform planning and decision making.

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ideaspy_09 @ 2021.01.19 7:02 AM
Lots of area's lack a distinctive identity and sometimes a sense of cleanliness. Would be good for councils to encourage locals to clean up their areas, properties and have some initiative - maybe through incentivising with lower rates.

Lynn Wood @ 2021.01.19 3:07 AM
Good idea! We should think of ways this can be done. Community gardens work well- maybe there should be more of them. 

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By Lynn Wood

13 January 2021

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