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Plant-based leather


Leather's use of animal products and harsh chemicals makes it problematic not only for animal rights activists but environmentalists. Two entrepreneurs from Mexico have worked to find a leather alternative that is not only eco-friendly but has the look and feel of real leather. Cactus is known for its rugged, thick skin, which makes it the perfect texture to simulate animal leather.

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Jennifer Harrison @ 2021.01.19 5:46 AM
I love the colour!  I'm not sure if this still happens, but in Australia we used to feed prickly pear (the noxious weed variety) to cattle (after charring it to dull the spikes).  Now we know what else we can do with it!

Lynn Wood @ 2021.01.19 5:46 AM
Yes I love the colour as well- good points!

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By Lynn Wood

9 January 2021

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