Plarn Craft Kit - a convenient way to repurpose plastic bags

I intend to find a solution to create a second life for plastic bags and want to create a solution to the ongoing problem of plastic pollution by creating a product that's marketable and user friendly. I have decided to create a Plarn (plastic yarn) Crochet Craft Kit, in order for consumers to be able to upcycle existing plastic bags that they own. This kit will provide instructions on how to crochet a reusable tote bag, made from recycled plastic bags. At this stage of my project, I'm asking for thoughts or inputs to either expand or enhance my project.
What do you think?

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Circular Economy Pioneers Australia - Chelsea McLean @ 2022.04.08 6:25 PM

Hi GI, Fantastic idea to keep plastic bags out of the environment where they are potentially very harmful. Even in landfills, plastic bags can endanger the environment. Making reusable tote bags from unwanted plastic bags is a great idea because it keeps the precious resources in use and promotes the important 'reuse' model - both of which are central principles to the circular economy. Perhaps there's end markets for your products in online stores like Etsy and Gum Tree? Crochet is a trending thing right now! Well done and all the best with your project :)

Lynn Wood @ 2022.04.08 6:25 PM
I agree with the previous comment! I've checked other ideas on IdeaSpies that deal with the plastic problem and yours looks novel

UpRising @ 2022.04.08 6:25 PM
Great idea GI, check out BoxHead Plastics. An awesome little start up doing amazing things. Bec would love to hear about your idea or even look for ways to see if you could join forces. 

Boxhead Plastics @ 2022.04.12 6:25 PM

I think this is a great idea, some companies who are working with soft plastics are Plastic Forest (David Hodge) look him up on linkedin. Replas (Thomas Anderson) also look him up on linkedin. Also the founder of Replas Mark Yates is a good one to connect with.

You are embarking on a very very tough journey. Try and keep the process as simple as possible, what you want is to demonstrate that there is opportunity, you dont need to solve the problem.

I think the concept is good, something kids and families can do at home. It can be packaged up nicely, and people will get a sense of accomplishment and a feeling of doing something good for the environment once they have knitted their item

Also google it, there is a load of information on the net about working with Plarn, here is an example

Get in contact if you would like to run through some product ideas, packaging and marketing. One thing you will need is a budget, at least a small one. 

gi @ 2022.05.05 8:42 AM

@ Circular Economy Pioneers Australia - Chelsea McLean

Thank you for your feedback! I'll definitely be considering the possible end markets of my product within the completion of my design project, especially on platforms like Etsy and Gumtree. 

gi @ 2022.05.05 8:42 AM

@ Boxhead Plastics

I appreciate your input and advice to keep the process of my project as simple as possible...I'll definitely be looking at contacting you in terms product ideas, packaging and marketing towards the near future :)

gi @ 2022.05.05 8:42 AM

@ Uprising

Thank you for the resource! I'll certainly look into the possibilities of joining forces and reaching out to Boxhead Plastics.

Precious Plastic Melbourne @ 2022.05.12 8:42 AM
I haven't come across a 'yarn' as such, but I've seen a variety of weaving techniques used with plastic bags ( just one example here ) which I'm sure you've already explored! Another potential option to explore could be a form of extrusion, however this creates more of a filament, and capability would be limited to those who have access to machines

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