Pop-Up Covid-19 Vaccine Clinics to Protect Farm Workers in the U.S.A.


A landmark effort in Coachella Valley, California  is  underway to bring the COVID-19 vaccine directly into the fields. Thousands of farm workers, considered essential workers in the U.S.A. are being pulled into pop-up vaccination clinics hosted by growers and run by the county Health Department.

Covid-19 has been a tremendous problem in farming communities because workers at times do mot have access easily to water and soap for hand washing, live in close quarters and are not insured or far away from medical facilities. Many are in need of PPE.

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April Chepovskygold Harvey @ 2021.04.13 4:23 AM
I'm very interested to hear what the global community thinks about this.  Open to a dialogue to collaborate and discuss this concept. 

Jeremy Ungar @ 2021.04.14 4:23 AM
Learn from Israel on this one!


April Chepovskygold Harvey @ 2021.04.14 4:23 AM


I will look over your article. Thank you for sharing. I am very interested to learn more. 

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