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Power to X (P2X)– renewable powered electrolysis to produce powerfuels and green chemicals


Hydrogen economy is closer to reality this time thanks to technology advancement across the value chain and cheaper renewable electricity. Electrolysis, aka water splitting, for green hydrogen production is commercially available and could be cost-competitive with SMR before 2030. Industry and research are working on the next wave of electrolysis technologies - P2X that can split CO/CO2 or NO/NO2 to produce green ammonia, methane and methanol by reacting with hydrogen. A consortium led by UNSW is investigating the pathway to build new green chemical manufacturing industry with such P2X technologies in NSW.

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Jeremy Wright @ 2021.02.24 2:35 PM

The Uni of NSW appears to be at the centre of Hydrogen research in Australia? It was and still is at the centre of Solar panel development.

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By Thomas Gao

23 February 2021

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