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Prize winning corn bread

What a clever idea to top corn bread with slices of sweet onion. A prize winning entry at the Riverhead Country Fair.
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Lynn Wood @ 2019.10.16 7:52 PM
Our IdeaSpies Dining Editor Ivani Torales sent me a message saying she'd like to cook for us the traditional chipa guasu from Paraguay so we know how a real corn bread with onions is done!

Ivani Torales @ 2019.10.20 7:48 PM
In Paraguay we have two traditional dishes that could be called "corn bread with onions", chipa guasu and Paraguayan soup. They not only taste amazing, but also look better -the onions are part of the mixture and add flavour, they're not just decoration. A sample recipe of the Paraguayan soup (it's a solid soup!) has one big brown onion chopped and softened in a pan with some oil, 300g of fresh cheese, 4 beaten eggs, 1/2 cup of milk, a teaspoon of salt, 200 g of butter and 2 cups of yellow corn flour. The mixture turns out as a very creamy soup that bakes in the oven for 45 min at 200°C until it becomes a solid corn bread.

lynnwood @ 2019.10.20 9:26 PM
Thanks Ivani! Very thoughtful of you to share this recipe.

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By Sabra Brock

15 October 2019

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