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Proactive Driver Fatigue Management Tech

BlyncSync's patent pending technology predicts when drivers can expect to feel fatigued. Before a drive begins, drivers can see their personal energy level on their phone. This helps optimize drive & rest times to reduce the risk of accidents.
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Lynn Wood @ 2018.12.06 7:14 AM
Clever idea to help make our roads safer. Thanks for sharing. Lynn

Lynn Wood @ 2018.12.10 7:14 AM
[…] Read the full story @IdeaSpies […]

blyncsync-technologies @ 2018.12.11 7:14 AM
I appreciate that Lynn! We are always looking to be introduced to potential customers (we are starting with trucking companies) and investors. If you know someone relevant you could reach out to directly, I would be happy to get their feedback on our idea. That goes for anyone reading this comment. Thank you very much in advance!

Lynn Wood @ 2018.12.11 7:14 AM
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By blyncsync-technologies

6 December 2018

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