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Pronto Self Sterilising Baby Bottle


This durable bottle uses the latest ultraviolet light wave technology to self-sterilise at home or out and about.

With a self sterilising bottle, parents can travel with an empty bottle and prepare it anywhere they can find drinkable water, saving precious time.

Pronto makes preparing a bottle intuitive- all it takes is washing, filling with water, then pressing a button and the bottle and water is sterilised all at once.

It's able to be used for multiple babies, made from glass and plastic, it's easy to disassemble and can be recycled into new product reducing plastic waste.

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Jennifer Harrison @ 2020.11.13 9:47 AM
When I was an investment banker in London in 2003 we sold Steribottle to Avent for tens of millions.  In 2006, Avent was in turn sold to Philips for hundreds of millions. These days single use "take and toss" plastic is not a sustainable choice.  I love this idea and wish them well in the current crowd fund on Birchal.  (Disclosure:  I've just bought some shares.) 

Lynn Wood @ 2020.11.14 1:24 AM
Very interesting background Jennifer and very encouraging to Shannon who joined our Industrial conversation last week.

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By Shannon

5 November 2020

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