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Public Engagement is the Answer


For years now, many commentators, including myself, have been calling for the political class to realise that our representative democratic processes are grinding to a halt when trying to address substantive issues.  

The public has become tired of watching politically driven game playing and the lack of evidence-based policy and action. Cynicism and lack of trust in politicians and other institutional power structures have become embedded.  

If we are to succeed in addressing indigenous recognition, government spending, taxation and the many other substantive issues our nation faces, the government must effectively engage with the electorate.

What do you think?

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IdeaSpies @ 2023.02.27 1:44 PM

This article shows how the government is currently engaging with the electorate on policy changes

Glenn Barnes @ 2023.03.05 7:54 AM

Thanks, Lynn 

The Albanese government is looking more autocratic and dogma driven as each news cycle passes. The dogmatic approach and looseness with the truth is making the current government’s operating style look more like the one they criticised the Morrison government for. What happened to the honest, consultative and listening style Albanese promised?

IdeaSpies @ 2023.03.05 9:41 AM
Even if they made a good decision on the super limit I don't understand why it's not indexed. Seems they want to look good pre elections by raising it, as they do with PAYG scales. This limits people's trust in the future of super.

Glenn Barnes @ 2023.03.05 10:15 AM
Over and above the questionable honesty issue, a poorly handled piece of policy development/announcement. They have real problems with the mechanics of the defined pension limits (for public servants and politicians who qualify) and the taxing of unrealised capital gains (especially with small business and farm assets). The non-indexing issue is another example of taxation increases by stealth - as with bracket creep on personal income tax.

IdeaSpies @ 2023.03.05 11:13 AM
Yes I was told a while ago that there is a Cult of Announcements amongst politicians. A Minister makes an announcement that is deemed to be politically beneficial and just expects it to happen.

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