Re-useable jewellery

Yearly, around 7 million tonnes of building waste materials are sent to waste disposal. My product enables me to counter that, being a fashionable clothing accessory, that incorporates a bottle cap opener. This product could be manufactured with waste products, such as stone, metals or wood. As fashion goes through seasons, it incorporates a overhang, which can be used to take off beer bottle caps, which saves other products from being manufactured. It may also be an accessory which could be put on necklaces. Rings are also very easy to design, meaning new designs could be manufactered constantly. 
What do you think?

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Lynn Wood @ 2021.06.04 12:47 PM

Useful jewellery looks like a very practical idea that could be fashionable. This idea posted by our IdeaSpies Artistic Editor may be helpful in your thinking.

Gillian Corban @ 2021.06.04 12:09 PM
This is a good idea and we need more people like you having ideas to make things to be novel and have various uses. Rings need to be designed with meaning as well as be beautiful. Everything we create needs to have a purpose- useful or aesthetic to justify using precious resources. Good on you.

Deyan Stamatov @ 2021.06.04 6:17 PM
I think an important thing about sustainable products, especially with items like jewelry or clothing is to ensure you don't take away from looks. This idea has sustainability but keeps a pretty good design that I wouldn't mind owning myself. Great job!

Gillian Corban @ 2021.06.11 3:10 AM
Great idea have you considered the sales channels you could sell through. Gillian

April Chepovskygold Harvey @ 2021.06.11 3:57 PM
I think it would be interesting to propose your idea to Plastic Bank.  David Katz heads that .

GreetingCardSalesman @ 2021.06.16 1:09 PM

I like the idea of useful wearables. 

Have you thought of other functions or other wearables? 7 Million tonnes is a lot of room for recycling ideas.

I would love it if my chemist purchased glasses had recycled plastic frames that I could interchange my lenses into.

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