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Real-time Sap Flow Data

ICT International is a research and scientific instrumentation company located in rural Australia exporting sap flow meters to the world.  This Sap Flow Meter can directly measure amounts and patterns of water use in real-time to deliver data for planning water use and showing behaviour. With data to show how trees behave collectively, called 'Hydraulic Redistribution' whereby water flows both up, down and horizontally.  This dynamic and collective behaviour of trees brings new ways of understanding and managing precious forests.
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Lynn Wood @ 2020.02.04 4:42 AM
This idea looks like it will be very helpful in revitalizing our country after the fires.

Nina @ 2020.02.05 3:12 PM
It's the easiest thing in the world to plant a tree. Keeping it alive is a whole other matter. It takes years of hard work, time, effort and, importantly, water. This is a great idea. I wonder if you could use it to track tree stress that is related to disease? We have lost millions of trees to disease in recent years and it's a problem that doesn't seem to be getting any closer to being solved.

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By Lou Conway

4 February 2020

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