Recycled Seaweed Lamps

Seaweed is a versatile plant-like organism that is undervalued in its capabilities. My MDP is a range of recycled seaweed lamps. The shade components will be manufactured using a combination of seaweed, recycled paper and agar dried to form a fabric type material. The base of the lamps will be driftwood collected along our beaches. The aim of this project is to repurpose unwanted beach materials that otherwise would be left to rot on our shores and to create an aesthetically pleasing homeware with minimal cost and impact on the environment. I look forward to hearing your feedback.
What do you think?

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Lynn Wood @ 2021.05.05 11:41 AM

Very imaginative. This idea on IdeaSpies when you search "lamp" could give you more ideas to develop yours

R Hainsworth @ 2021.05.05 12:46 PM

Brilliant concept Jess. What type of manufactures would be most helpful? 

Have you considered contacting beach side councils that are in charge of grading the beaches in the mornings?

Can't wait to see this develop. 

GreetingCardSalesman @ 2021.05.05 2:09 PM

hi Jessica,

I like the idea of these materials being recycled.  Driftwood bases sound very bespoke and romantic.  I would want you to reassure me that the new fabric wont be attractive to pets to eat, be a fire hazard or smell funny.  I am curious as to whether you will design shades that echo seaweed in their shape and colour or plan to make them indistinguishable from other sorts of fabric.

Pascal @ 2021.05.05 4:37 PM

Hi Jessica,

driftwood is definitely in fashion with interior designers; so, you might have a market!

I wouldn't consider seaweed and driftwood as 'unwanted' on our beaches, they are part of this ecosystem...plastic waste polluting our beaches are definitely 'unwanted'. This said, I agree there is plenty of it, so better make something out of it!

have you thought about the logistics associated with the sourcing and transformation of the material (driftwood and seaweed)? what is a nice and environment-friendly solution for a dozen of lamps might become a supply chain nightmare for thousand of them...


Sabra Brock @ 2021.05.05 5:37 PM
Like the idea.  What will the bases be made of?  Driftwood?  Add shells for a nautical theme?

ReadyFundGo @ 2021.05.08 12:47 AM

We like the idea of using recycled paper and also seaweed as seaweed can be grown as well if you were to grow to such a scale that you needed very large quantities. The drift wood may be limited and some people see it as part of our ecosystem.

We look forward to seeing your first creations. If you are thinking about selling them you could  add them to our platform where you could sell a few. 

Best of luck with your venture and well done.


wayde@principals @ 2021.05.13 12:00 PM
You're tapping in to a big movement around seaweed upcycling.  While it's a bit left-field I thought I'd pass on this link to a Scottish textile designer [and recent design graduate] Jasmine Linington, who is making beautiful fabrics and high end fashion pieces harnessing an Austrian textile called SeaCell.  Seaweed fibre is the magic ingredient in this fabric.  I thought the article might spark some ideas for you about the creative possibilities for the light shades.  Jasmine Linington uses seaweed to make couture clothing (

Madeline Cunningham @ 2021.05.17 9:11 AM
Very interesting article on seaweed farming with the Climate Council, CSIRO, Future Feed and more.

Madeline Cunningham @ 2021.05.17 9:27 AM
Very interesting article on seaweed farming with the Climate Council. CSIRO. Future Feed and others

Gillian Corban @ 2021.05.18 5:56 AM

You could try talking to owners of Homewares type stores who value our need for climate action.

You could try Chris Tourgelis at Opus Design Store in Paddington for his feedback.

OPUS design P/L 
 354 Oxford St, Paddington NSW 2021
Ph: +61 2 9360 4803

Dave Ellis @ 2021.05.18 5:02 PM
I like the idea.  Why lamps? Are there any specific characteristics of the material that point towards lamp shades?

Rachel Worsley @ 2021.05.19 11:15 AM
What a great idea! I'll be keen to follow your project as it develops. 

GreetingCardSalesman @ 2021.05.21 7:14 AM

Hi Jessica,

depending on how interested you are in seaweed in general, you may find it interesting to see what Pia Winberg is doing in the local industry.


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