Reducing plastic waste: Japan's first free refill app and a solution to reduce plastic pollution

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René Leven @ 2021.02.26 7:49 AM

I am following this start up who consider themselves as "socialpreneurs" for a while. Great story and very inspiring. A reminder that it always starts with the small things and everyone can do their bit. They are in Japan but I think this concept can be easily spread or adapted in other countries.

Their Linkedin page:

and webpage:

René Leven @ 2021.02.26 7:49 AM

P.s.: I wasn't sure about the category - can we add another section "sustainability"? I thought that would be most befitting, for now I put it under "climate"

Lynn Wood @ 2021.02.26 7:49 AM
Excellent video Rene and the climate category is fine for the idea as plastic pollution is a climate issue. The categories overlap. You can also search ideas on IdeaSpies by word eg plastic or sustainability.

Jeremy Wright @ 2021.02.26 6:53 PM

Great Initiative - especially when we might drown in plastics before we solve the climate crisis. Also check out a similar program in Australia:

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