Replacing chemicals with NATURAL preservative

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Lynn Wood @ 2020.07.16 9:02 AM

We see that you are interested in expanding to Australia. We are planning to introduce a bespoke paid service where we will express your idea in a way that will be noticed and also share it with our network supported by our IdeaSpies Dining Editor. These are ideas she has already shared

Please let me know if you're interested.


Veg Oxi Aus @ 2020.07.16 10:53 AM
Hi Lynn. Thanks for your comment and offer. How better is your offer in relation to the Google Ads? Thanks.

Lynn Wood @ 2020.07.16 11:07 AM

How much has Google asked you to pay per click? Please let me know offline at and I'll reply.


Lynn Wood @ 2020.07.20 11:23 AM
Just worked out what you would be paying on Google ads. Thanks for the question. Our service will be different in that we would produce your "ad' as an idea based on info you provide and our experience in seeing what works well in presenting ideas so they get maximum clicks.

Veg Oxi Aus @ 2020.07.20 12:33 PM
Hi Lynn. Thanks for your comment. How your service is different?

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By Veg Oxi Aus

15 July 2020

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