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Ribit is Australia’s leading job and internship matching platform for high-value, higher-education students. It connects students with STEM and digital skills with supportive, innovative employers who will help you develop new skills and experience. The platform recommends the most suitable students that meet the skills and requirements for roles posted by participating companies. The platform was incubated at CSIRO/Data61 and is now delivered by Stone & Chalk. 

What are your top 2 reasons for hiring student talent?


What do you think?

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Lynn Wood @ 2021.04.13 8:08 AM

1. Younger perspective

2. When part of a course so supervised

Maria MacNamara @ 2021.04.15 10:31 AM
Student talent is the most precious gift. Not only are you creating an opportunity for a young person to begin their career. You remain relevant by hearing their views and more importantly, they surprise you at every turn as they gain confidence and deliver work product that is beyond your expectations. Their learning curve is steep and if they're in the right role, it moves at a cracking pace. I've employed graduates as young as 18. Each takes something new from their opportunity. The most valuable lessons are the interpersonal ones. The introvert overcomes their resistance to engaging with people of all ages. The extrovert, learns humility. The curious gains access to a breadth of experience and the sensitive applies their sixth sense to engaging with customers. There's nothing they can't do, given the time and space. 

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By Maria MacNamara

6 April 2021

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