Rotating Pool Table/Dining Room Table


Tables are some of the most resource and cost consuming pieces of furniture, because of the sizes of pieces used, and space that is required for a table. I have designed a solution to this problem by creating a new way of combining a pool table and dining room table. Being made almost entirely of timber, pool tables and dining room tables consume large amounts of resources to create. But by combining the two, it allows these amounts to be halved.


What changes could be made for this to be more appealing to consumers?

What do you think?

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Lynn Wood @ 2021.06.04 4:50 AM
A novel idea that looks like fun! This related idea could be helpful.

Deyan Stamatov @ 2021.06.04 6:07 PM
Not only would this help in the resources department but I think just having this as opposed to a dining and a pool table would save a lot of space in the home, great idea!

Samantha Sakr @ 2021.06.11 11:19 AM
This is such a great idea. I think there's also an element of family/household entertainment that's encouraged here. In an era where many people have turned homes into work or educational environments - it's a great way to get people to switch off and enjoy one another's company. 

GreetingCardSalesman @ 2021.06.16 1:19 PM

i like this idea, I am wondering how the preferred height and space for knee room and eating from compares to playing height of a pool table.  It would be important that it is comfortable to dine at.

Perhaps make vertical grooves in the legs to contain those portable pool cues that you can screw together, so at first it looks like decorative legs but is actually storage.

GreetingCardSalesman @ 2021.06.21 12:54 PM

Hi Jack M,

After a weekend spent quilting on my dining table I am now thinking about how much I would love a similar product but rotating into a sewing centre with half of it as a measuring and cutting board, inbuilt power for a sewing machine and iron and a quarter of it set up with  woolen mat for ironing while at the table.  You have certainly hit on something by noticing how space and cost and function intense a dining table can be and how a dual purpose could be good.  I look forward to seeing what happens next.

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