Robotic rover for safe delivery of humanitarian aid in warzones

As a result of increasing conflict in areas such as the Middle East and Africa, humanitarian organisations are being pushed to their limits; manned missions to deliver humanitarian aid to war-affected countries are becoming increasingly dangerous, if not fatal. My Major Design Project is to create a semi-autonomous, remotely operable rover for the purpose of delivering humanitarian aid to areas affected by conflict. I have taken inspiration from NASA’s Mars Rovers to create a system able to be controlled from a safe location to deliver resources such as food, water and medicine to reduce risk to human workers.
What do you think?

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Lynn Wood @ 2021.05.20 6:54 AM
A vey interesting and worthwhile idea. You may find these ideas useful in developing yours when you search the keyword Mars on IdeaSpies

R Hainsworth @ 2021.05.20 6:54 AM

Awesome idea Nat, what do you need to make this happen? If you could list 2 or 3 things, such as materials or technology that you need to make this happen, industry and business will be better able to help you.

Narelle Hooper @ 2021.05.22 6:54 AM

A great idea - wonder is this something Engineers Without Borders would be interested in

Monique Hegarty @ 2021.06.02 6:55 AM
Amazing idea, would be so resourceful for developing countries.

Nat B @ 2021.06.02 6:58 AM
Thanks Narelle! I will definitely check out EWB as I think they're definitely the sort of organisation that could both help me in my design as well as benefit from my design. Do you know if there is any way that I could directly get in contact with them? Or would it be most beneficial to just explore their webpage?

Nat B @ 2021.06.02 7:04 AM
Thank you R Hainsworth! At the moment I am planning on constructing my design from an aluminium/3D printed frame and creating the electronic systems from Arduino. I think the most important consideration for me at the moment is what motors I will need to use for the wheels (many heavy-duty ones are quite expensive!), and if I had more time I'd be interested in making it autonomous - something which might require more coding expertise than I possess. I would also like to use 3D printing for more components (such as the actual box to house the resources/electronics) yet I am limited by the size of the printers I have access to in the classroom. However, I can overcome this by printing a selection of smaller pieces to assemble into the final product.

Don Coutts @ 2021.06.02 9:39 AM
Great idea combining humanitarian and technological ideas, who would have thought to do this but the next generations.

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