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Say 3-NOP to Dairy Cow Methane


A synthetic non-toxic compound called 3-NOP has been found to take effect immediately, break down safely in a cow’s normal digestive system and have no lasting effects, despite reducing burp and fart emissions by at least 30% (and as much as 90% in some trials in Australia). Given an average herd size of about 300 cows, using this additive could remove the equivalent of 100 family-sized cars from the roads, per dairy farm, per year. Trials continue in NZ and Australia.

Minimizing methane from cattle | DSM

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Anthony Passe-de Silva @ 2021.08.23 1:40 PM
This is an excellent idea which would have significant benefit for the Australian agricultural sector. Wondering if this could be combined with other items which help reduce methane such as seaweed. Also wondering what the net environmental impact is from 3-NOP given it is synthetic. And what sort of cost would be involved for farmers.

Kylie Hargreaves @ 2021.08.24 1:40 PM

Hi Anthony - all good questions. I've asked in my linkedIn post if anyone with closer knowledge of the compound and/or the trials could comment on the sustainability of the compound. I do note the amount of seaweed needed for the 100+ million dairy cows, would indicate a massive seaweed farming program , which no doubt would have both negative and positive impacts in and of itself. The costs I'm less worried about, as whether its seaweed or synthetic compounds, there will no doubt be a premium on feed that the market may sort out - both farmers and consumers! Fascinating stuff really! All the best


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