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Scaffolding that's not ugly

Scaffolding over sidewalks in New York City is generally dark, inviting, and even a little scary as to what might come out of the shadows.  This example is much more brightly lit and inviting.
What do you think?

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IdeaSpies @ 2019.11.24 2:50 PM

This reminds me of the first time I saw an attractive construction site when I was in Paris

rj-uppercase_2019 @ 2019.11.26 6:38 PM

Scaffolding 'inviting'? That's a cool one, even for the Biggest of Apples ... :-) 

That said, pic is kinda reminiscent of Sydney’s Queen Victoria Building when it was all wrapped up and ‘scaffolded’ for major cleaning of the historical facades.  NYC could just be onto something …  


lynnwood @ 2019.11.26 10:09 PM
Yes Richard I remember when the Queen Victoria Building was restored. I was recently in NY and there is a lot of scaffolding, most of it not as well lit as the one shown.

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By sabrabrock

24 November 2019

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