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See our ancestors in a new light


This algorithm, called DeOldify, brings old black and white photos to life, offering to see our ancestors in a new light. This picture of Mulberry Street, in Manhattan (Little Italy), New York, was taken in 1900. The outcome obtained in a few seconds is astonishing. This algorithm has been fine-tuned and trained with deep learning on millions of images. As a result, it is considered the best colorisation app in the world. This technology is now accessible for free here:

Code available here:

Read more about DeOldify and its technology here:

Thanks to Pascall Bornet  for sharing.

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Daniella Traino @ 2020.04.03 12:52 AM
This was fantastic! I tried out an old photo of my dad’s school days - it was very faded and black & white. deOldify brought it to life!

Lynn Wood @ 2020.04.03 12:59 AM
Great to hear that Daniella. The idea is very popular and could be a good activity for people now. Please share it more and tag @IdeaSpies so I can support your shares.

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By Lynn Wood

30 March 2020

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