Shark Repellent Wetsuit, Surfboard and Attachable Device

Shark attacks are an issue worldwide, meaning there is a genuine need for shark-repellent products. My design incorporates shark-repellent technology into commonly used products. My products consist of a shark-repellent wetsuit, surfboard, and attachable device (all of which are harmless to sharks). These products are the first of their kind as they incorporate multiple protection points, thus creating a larger area of protection. This technology is invisible and will therefore not interfere with the user’s performance. My products require intensive research and testing, I'm looking for help, feedback, and advice from specialists on how to further develop my products.
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Lynn Wood @ 2022.06.17 1:58 PM

Good idea to look at protection from sharks. You may find some of these ideas helpful when you search shark on IdeaSpies

Georgiaa @ 2022.06.17 1:58 PM
Thank you @Lynn Wood for your suggestion I will definitely be sure to check them out!

UpRising @ 2022.06.17 5:18 PM
Great idea Georgiaa, so many applications for this as well. Looking forward to seeing your project evolve. 

Katia Bunn @ 2022.06.17 1:58 PM
This is an amazing idea Georgiaa, there is definite need for a product like this.

Georgiaa @ 2022.06.17 1:58 PM
Thanks so much for the support Katia Bunn x 

Georgiaa @ 2022.06.17 1:58 PM
Thanks, @UpRising it has been a very interesting experience very eye-opening! I look forward to continuing the designing and manufacturing process.  

Scott Sleap @ 2022.06.19 1:58 PM
What an awesome idea, for a very important need. Now it might just be 'Safe to go back in the water again!' 

Circular Economy Pioneers Australia - Chelsea McLean @ 2022.06.20 1:58 PM

Hi Georgia,

What a great idea! Which materials will you be using for your wet suit? There's some great progress being made here in Australia to solve the problem of so many textiles ending up in landfill and being shipped overseas where they pollute places, generally impacting people in lower socio-economic areas. 

Here's one example: Happy to help you connect with the industry in this area.  

If you Google you'll find some other ideas like this: and this!

Feel free to email me 

Warm regards,

Chelsea McLean

Georgiaa @ 2022.06.20 1:58 PM
Thank you @ScottSleap so nice to hear from someone so involved and recognised in STEM education. I appreciate the support and I quite liked the jaws movie reference :) 

Georgiaa @ 2022.06.20 1:58 PM
@Circular Economy Pioneers Australia - Chelsea McLean,  appreciate the comment and I will be sure to check out these links. The environmental concerns of these products will and are definitely being considered in the designing process. will be in touch :) 

Niknak @ 2022.06.26 6:05 AM
What a fantastic idea! Well done Georgia 

Nicole S @ 2022.06.27 8:35 AM
Hi. I just read about this in the Newcastle Herald. Fantastic and innovative idea! Congratulations on coming up with a really useful and much needed item. This will really improve surfer safety. 

Valda Johnston @ 2022.06.28 4:06 AM
Very innovative. Excellent idea

UpRising @ 2022.06.28 2:17 PM

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UpRising @ 2022.06.29 2:13 AM

Just came across Tom Wilson and his amazing concepts around sustainable surfboards. Thought worth a look?

Georgiaa @ 2022.06.30 3:27 AM

@Niknak thankyou x

Georgiaa @ 2022.06.30 3:27 AM

@Nicole S glad to see the story is getting out. Thankyou so much x

Georgiaa @ 2022.06.30 3:27 AM

@Valda Johnston thanks heaps

Georgiaa @ 2022.06.30 3:27 AM

@UpRising look forward to seeing you on the zoom. Glad to see you saw the story in the newspaper

Georgiaa @ 2022.06.30 3:28 AM

@UpRising thankyou I will be sure to check this out. I want to ensure my product is as sustainable as can be whilst not sacrificing performance.

Georgiaa @ 2022.06.30 3:29 AM

 Feel free to check out this link to the article in the Newcastle herald

much thanks :) 

Georgiaa @ 2022.06.30 3:32 AM
Thankyou all for the coutless support related on my post :) highly appreciate 

smithy2007 @ 2022.06.30 3:35 AM
this is an amzing idea keep up the good work!

curiousgeorge @ 2022.06.30 3:39 AM
this is game changing for the surf industry !

jessm213 @ 2022.06.30 3:41 AM

WOW this is an awsome idea!

Amazing work Georgiaa

sammm3 @ 2022.06.30 3:46 AM
This is sickkkkk. 
Does it use the same technology as Sharkbanz ? 

Georgiaa @ 2022.06.30 3:48 AM
@smithy2007  thankyou :) 

Georgiaa @ 2022.06.30 3:49 AM
@curiousgeorge Thankyou 

Georgiaa @ 2022.06.30 3:50 AM
jessm213 thankyou so much !

Georgiaa @ 2022.06.30 3:51 AM

@ sammm3 yes, very similar just a stronger magnet and more of them for greater protection :) 

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