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Shark spotting drone voted top idea at boardroom lunch

Three ideas from IdeaSpies were presented at the Ashurst October 2017 boardroom lunch addressed by Adam Creighton of The Australian. The idea receiving the most votes was a drone equipped with artificial intelligence that can help identify and warn swimmers and surfers of nearby sharks, developed by Westpac Little Ripper Lifesavers with UTS researchers. This idea now goes to the final at the December boardroom lunch to select the top idea for the year.
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lynnwood @ 2017.10.20 7:12 AM
I liked the window/balcony idea however it's difficult to explain without a video given it's so new!

Lynn Wood @ 2017.10.20 7:12 AM
Great Work

ocpscotty @ 2017.10.21 7:12 AM
I've had and used a Parrot 2.0 Drone for years and I'm taken aback why no-one has suggested High Altitude Blimps - very little power usage more reliable and unmanned. Drones are over-rated. My thoughts and feelings.

Lynn Wood @ 2017.10.21 7:12 AM
Good point Scotty! It would be good to know why drones are used rather than unmanned blimps.

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By lynnwood

18 October 2017

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