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Simple food labelling to reduce food waste

In an interesting move towards reducing food waste, Unilever is using now the words 'often good after' along with 'best before' in certain product labels. Because many consumers don't understand the difference between 'best before' and 'use by' in food labelling, the company is using simple wording to help them avoid throwing away too much food by indicating it's still safe to eat after the expiry date. Image credit: Unilever Read more:
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lynnwood @ 2019.09.22 8:20 PM
Yes clever- a friend of mine throws out anything after the use by date and I guess many others do as well.

Ivani Torales @ 2019.09.22 8:55 PM
@lynnwood: yes, the 'use by' date shouldn't be exceeded, as the product can cause health problems after then. On the other hand, 'best before' just indicates a date and that's why it can work with 'often good after' to prevent food waste.

lynnwood @ 2019.09.23 3:26 AM
Thanks for explaining Ivani.

john-3 @ 2019.10.05 3:35 PM
I live with a person who lives by use by dates,she really appreciates our visits to Harris farm where I only purchase the cheese that is past its best by dates.

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By Ivani Torales

22 September 2019

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