Six Tests for any Public Policy


The newDemocracy Foundation has found that only 30% of federal and state government decisions adhere to good-policy making. The rest fail to do so.

Here are six tests that any government policy pronouncement should meet:

  1. Need

Why is the policy needed based on factual evidence and stakeholder input?


  1. Objectives

What is the policy’s objective couched in terms of the public interest?


  1. Options

What alternative policies and mechanisms were considered in advance of the bill?


  1. Analysis

What were the pros/cons and benefits/costs of each solution considered?


  1. Pathway

What is the timetable and steps for the policy’s rollout and who will administer it?


  1. Consultation

Were the views of affected stakeholders sought and considered in making the policy?

That's our Big Idea!

What do you think?

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percy @ 2019.11.22 9:43 AM

The newDemocracy Foundation's site for its evidence-based policy research project is

jaqui @ 2019.11.23 3:33 PM
Percy, I'd welcome your perspective on these guidelines in relation to the proposed $500 million redevelopment of the War Memorial in Canberra as it seems to be a solution looking for a problem and is not well supported. 

percy @ 2019.11.23 5:35 PM

I agree; on any cost/benefit analysis I doubt this project would stack up unless war nostalgia merited a high shadow price value. Percy 

fraser @ 2019.12.09 5:32 PM
Once money and self-interest get in the way of sustainability the best interest of the community is lost. A  privileged few always win short term. Until they piss off the working class. Once they do that innovation and community collaboration assure change will happen. Simple common sense tells you what's in place is not sustainable and change is already coming with or without the support of the top.  It's an easier transition when you work together using innovation and collaboration to do what money can not.

john-3 @ 2019.12.09 5:35 PM

Excellent line of simple questions applicable to all good governance. 

Have they ever applied this very simple question and answer format to the NBN? or to the Submarines?

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