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Slide And Step for Wellness and Fun


Slides beside stairs

A huge slide instead of using the steps. Great for kids and adults alike! This is also a great place to work out. People can sprint to the top and then slide down and repeat without wasting time stepping down to the bottom! 

What do you think?

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Lynn Wood @ 2020.08.01 9:26 AM
Looks like great fun Cheryl. Where is it?

Cheryl Hayman @ 2020.08.01 10:36 AM

I’m not sure , it’s on this website

Lots of good ideas, but I’ve seen this popping up now in health spas and so on.

Lynn Wood @ 2020.08.01 11:16 AM

Thanks Cheryl. That site is very simple and we have some of the same ideas.  IdeaSpies is unusual in that you can post ideas directly, as you did, and easily search, share and comment on them. 
This is another idea on IdeaSpies that encourages use of stairs. It would be good to see more of both ideas. We're encouraging these ideas by sharing them and you're helping.

Keerthana-Vedachalam @ 2020.08.01 12:25 PM
Workout+ fun ! I would love to try it!

ideaspy_09 @ 2020.08.01 3:22 PM
Yes please! So many places in Sydney this could be placed.

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By Cheryl Hayman

1 August 2020

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