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Smart cities never sleep


Proptech is a key enabler of smart buildings that can power the 24/7 economy and smart cities.

For both work and leisure activities, it's possible to offer access outside the traditional 9-5 with the help of remote access solutions. 

Sensors, robots, drones, mobile phones and biometrics can provide access for the right people at the right time and also monitor for safety and security.

With technology, this can be done efficiently without onsite staff.

At the moment, however, traditional zoning regulations can present a barrier.

Maybe it's time for new thinking? Proptech is smart, sustainable and digital. And that's valuable. 

What do you think?

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Jennifer Harrison @ 2023.03.04 12:12 PM

Image credit: Patrick Pellegrini on Unsplash.  

(It's Auckland at night.)

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