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Social Media Platform that Connects People with Similar Health Conditions

Users upload data from their healthcare provider – anonymously and for free – and receive a notification to say how many people are clinically alike, with each one scored out of 100 for “alike-ness”. Users can then reach out to each other and chat. The alternative – a simple internet search – may allow a fibromyalgia sufferer, for example, to find a relevant group or forum. But narrowing the field to find people who also have Crohn’s disease and anxiety would be tricky... Australia is tipped for expansion in the near future. Watch this space!

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Jerry Ashton @ 2023.01.29 3:57 AM

Jeremy, could you connect me with these people and explore how we might bring this innovation to the U.S. - especially helping our veterans better connect?

Here are a couple of sites about my own work:

Jerry Ashton - co-founder

cell: 347-802-7492 -

IdeaSpies @ 2023.01.31 3:57 AM

Thanks for your Question Jerry. Jeremy Ungar, our Israeli Editor, has replied: 

As I’m not based in the U.S. please see if you can download the app. or search online: Alike, or Alike.Health or Alike Health. Website:

“Alike is up and running in the USA, where 100,000 users have so far uploaded their medical data – anonymously – plus details of age, gender, BMI, exercise, any vitamins or supplements they take – and started interacting with others.”

I have reached out to their founder nonetheless and found this employee in N.Y. -

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